What’s this Pinterest Talk About?

Over the past few months I keep reading buzz about this new visual micro blogging site called Pinterest. More simply, Pinterest is an online scrapbook and a social bookmarking site. What differentiates this genius technology from other social sharing sites is its visual appeal and design concept. 

Why People Use Pinterest and How it Works

Pinterest allows you to organizes, share, and save ideas or information you found on the internet and shared by other Pinners.  An account user on Pinterest is called a Pinner. A Pinner will pin images from web pages to save on Pinterest boards they have created by installing the Pin It button to a web browser Booklet Bar. When a webpage is pinned, the Pinner choose an image on the desired webpage to pin and the ability to add text, comment, Like it,  and/or repin it.  A pinboard is a collaboration or collection of pins organized by a Pinner to save and share. How a board is organized up to the Pinner.

Say you wanted to plan a birthday party for your parents’ 50th or love to garden or both, Pinterest allows Pinners to manage and personalize the boards they create and its theme. Pinterest will give board suggestions for new users. Here are a few more common board topics I’ve seen: